What is STEM 2 STEAM Education?

A collection of integrated project-based activities developed by practitioners of the science, technology, engineering, arts and math fields to skill and reskill K-12 and adult learners. A mechanism of support for gifted educators and learners in a rapidly evolving world. A system to bring STEAM subjects to life in the classroom and to create bridges among educators, employers, universities, and community groups.

Why Skill-Based Learning Matters

Skills-based learning fosters critical thinking and collaboration. Students finish school with an entrepreneurial spirit and a foundation for success. Teachers gain tools for creating the next generation of tech workers, entrepreneurs, innovators, and pioneers—while unleashing their creativity and expanding their career aspirations.

Why an Integrated Curriculum Matters

A solution-oriented, multidisciplinary bridge to enhance practical, skills-based learning. Identify areas where integration among STEAM disciplines can increase retention and learning and demonstrate practical use for today’s modern workforce and beyond.

A STEAM curriculum connects academic knowledge to real-world, relevant applications. It creates lifelong learners and positions them for success.

The critical thinking exercised in STEAM projects realistically models the problem-solving needed in college, in the workplace, in entrepreneurship, and in active citizenry.

Ask about our STEM 2 STEAM Success Tools

Customized Curriculum & Resources

    • Build on current STEAM curriculum
    • Design customized STEAM Curriculum units
    • Develop online training videos

Accessible Consulting and Coaching

  • Consulting and coaching services
    • One on one or online expert consulting and coaching to develop an integrated curriculum with benefits for STEAM learning

Speaking Engagements

  • Expert on STEM 2 STEAM success Click here for bio and how to book Allyson

Sponsorship Opportunities and Funding Plans

  • Professional grant proposals that get results and community funding opportunities to support STEAM learning and workforce development.
  • Recent funding work:
    Secured $25K grant from a major corporation to create an “Innovation in Engineering Education Laboratory” for a multidistrict high school. Funds were used to purchase a 3D modeling and product design system.
  • Results:
    Complex engineering principles came to life for the students in creative, thought-provoking activities, maximizing their comprehension and understanding.

Host STEAM Events

  • Maker competitions
  • Project-based learning (PBL) workshops
  • Industry field trips
  • Industry events at schools
  • University events at schools
  • Entrepreneur pitch and speaker events
  • Collaborative development of PBL projects across schools and districts
  • Joint competition for major grants and awards from industry and government
  • Options for sharing equipment and facilities (e.g., maker spaces)
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We cultivate win-win relationships between the district, educator and the community to create access for all learners regardless of race, gender, socio-economic state, language proficiency and ability.

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We pride ourselves on elevating career satisfaction for teachers, and enhanced learning of practical STEAM skills, by unlocking the tools needed for STEM to STEAM success.

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We customize the integrated learning experience to support current curriculum and meet teachers and districts where they are at, instead of starting from scratch. Our integrated approach builds on top of current teaching disciplines bringing them together holistically for improved understanding.

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We know how to fit relevant content into the curriculum and work cross-functionally across multiple STEAM disciplines. We expand on educators and student’s skill sets to bridge the gap from classroom to workforce and life implementation.

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We understand and work within standard pacing guidelines, and schedules, focus on a variety of learning styles to support learning and subject mastery.

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We provide practical, useable knowledge for the student, community, and educators. We create the next generation of STEAM experts.

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We work one on one with educators and leadership to develop gifted successful STEAM practitioners.

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We design customized curriculum units to meet the needs of educators, leaders, and learners to enhance professional satisfaction and the learning experience.

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We strategically direct our skills and resources to provide maximum results.

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We provide valuable opportunities for teachers and students to have one-on-one interaction with the private sector in a collaborative environment related to the STEM and STEAM fields. We excel at creating long-lasting community partnerships that accelerate practical project skills-based learning for both teachers and students. The benefits we bring to students and educators increases district success, workforce placement, and practical life skills. This 360-degree approach fulfills the needs of today’s employers and sets the stage for future innovators.

Dr. Allyson Yarbrough is an engineer, inventoreducator, and self-empowerment advocate passionate about helping underserved communities liberate their full potential through real-world STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, math) education and innovative teacher coaching. She speaks widely on her vision of STEAM education as a tool for controlling one’s destiny.


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