About Us

I started this business focused on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, math) integration and education in memory of my mother, Rosalind Yarbrough. A compassionate educator, lover of diverse knowledge, and champion of the underserved, she passed away in 2013 after a courageous battle with pancreatic cancer. Her strong desire to help children and adults from all walks of life recognize their uniqueness and achieve their full potential is the foundation of this business’ philosophy. The ongoing inspiration derived from her devoted husband, my father, Freddy Yarbrough, drives the implementation of my business’ dream.

My purpose is to impart integrated STEAM skills, knowledge, ingenuity, and confidence to educational professionals, especially teachers, instructors, and administrators, so that they can prepare adult learners as well as K-12 students for college, career, tech, and life readiness. As a woman of color in the engineering and education fields, I have a passion for and expertise for in helping learners of all ages, especially those in underserved communities, discover the ingenuity, creativity, and ability they possess so they can control their destinies.

K-12 science and math have largely been taught as isolated subjects, with little connection and joint application. Technology and engineering have been introduced into the K-12 environment fairly recently. Current education reform movements are integrating the subjects as the interconnected disciplines they are. The challenge is that many of the educators charged with this integration have not practiced as science or engineering professionals themselves. Thus, they may lack some of the hands-on, practitioner experience needed to transfer the practical applications into the classroom. My goal is to help these talented educators develop the curriculum, resources, environment, skills, and confidence to bridge the gap and present holistic STEAM education to 21st Century learners.


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